The mind remembers what our hands do! Innovate your child the concept of interactive learning and help them to unlock their potential through our practical Learning Program for Kids Early Education.

Quad Skillset Model

All our products are developed based on the Quad skillset Model, designed to educate your kids in a more natural way rather than a complex way.

You might come across different learning programs based on different theories of intelligence. The word Intelligence itself a complex thing to define and there’s really no universal theory that has been accepted yet. So here at Moppet Zone, we practically analyzed which learning approach works better for our kids in a natural way.

Thus we came up with the new practical theory of Quad Skillset Model for kids early education, which proposes four necessary skillsets for the holistic development of your kids. Each of these Skillsets group together four skills of its type. In total, this model covers 16 fundamental skills for your kids.

Basic Skillset





Nature Skillset

Trees & Flowers

Birds & Animals

Fruits & Vegetables

Seasons & Weather

Practical Skillset

Body Parts

Good Habits

Transport System

Community Helpers

Complex Skillset

Writing Skills

Numeracy Skills

Logical Thinking

Critical Thinking

The concept of the Quad skillset Model was developed by academicians and creator experts at Moppet Zone. Our panel of experts with their decades of experience in this field understand that learning comes off beyond textbooks, and hence we designed an interactive way of learning methodology for young minds to imbibe necessary skills in a natural way.

Moppet Zone is an interactivity stow and every product at Moppet Zone has been developed after giving a lot of thought for effectiveness and extensively tested by our panel of experts before launch. Join us to gift a Mobile-free childhood for our little ones!!




Moppet Zone

Innovate your child the concept of interactive learning and help them to unlock their potential through our creative ideas.

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